September 9, 2018

Software Appilcations

Web Launcher in the modernization and redesign of aging enterprise applications which support growing user communities. We work with defense customers to enhance mission-critical systems, non-profits to create efficient and accessible tools, and commercial businesses developing competitive software applications.

In system development and enhancement, we look at improving usability, performance and data quality. Enterprise systems need to provide their users with intuitive interfaces and reliable information to support their business operations. Modern work forces are often geographically dispersed and operating on a variety of devices to access web-based tools. Modernization of Enterprise systems focuses on meeting these operational requirements and leveraging the latest software technologies.

We assign experienced technical experts to every project, guided by managers with proven success in product development and delivery. We support our custom applications with data migration, data integrity, and performance optimization. Our diverse portfolio of customers gives us a unique perspective on the capabilities of leading technologies and how they can most effectively meet your requirements. Web Launcher’s custom applications are designed for how our customers do business, as compared to asking them to change their operations to suit a pre-determined tool.

Web Launcher develops custom web and mobile applications that automate and improve business processes. Our approach is rooted in our customer’s requirements; we take the time to understand your unique challenges and existing systems to develop a tailored technical solution. We bookend each component of your system by first defining the requirement, and then testing against it for compliance. As a result, our software development process produces tools that meet your requirements, and fit seamlessly into your business operations.